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Jennifer Spangler - Mom, Runner, Nurse & Brand Ambassador 

What is INKnBURN? 

INKnBURN is a small family owned business operated in Southern California.  INKnBURN designs and hand-crafts athletic apparel in the USA.  INKnBURN produces unique and high-quality athletic wear that can be worn for running, yoga, cycling, to the gym, or even casually.  I purchased my first piece in August of 2015 and wore the capris for the Chicago Marathon in 2015.  I was SOLD!  Since then, I have run a total of 6 marathons, all wearing INKnBURN.  No chafing, comfortable fit, and stays in place and each piece/design is very unique.   

"INKnBURN produces unique and high-quality athletic wear that can be worn for running, yoga, cycling, to the gym, or even casually."

"INKnBURN produces unique and high-quality athletic wear that can be worn for running, yoga, cycling, to the gym, or even casually."

What inspired you to begin running? 

In May of 2013 I decided to start walking and wanted to lose weight.  By July, I was walking at a fairly fast pace, 13-14 minute miles.  I was fortunate to have a large private place and just decided I would try to run.  I didn't want to run in front of anyone because of my weight and also because I was still smoking at the time and would get winded in a very short amount of time.  The run/walk intervals continued through July and in August, I ran 5 miles straight!  I can remember the day like it was yesterday.  I came home and cried, so proud of my accomplishment.  My husband came home from work that day and I told him I decided I wanted to run a half marathon, that surely if I could run 5 miles I could run 13 but I would have to quit smoking.  I set my mind to it and I quit smoking in October 2013.  After I quit, I rewarded myself by signing up for my first half marathon. I ran my first half in April 2014.  I have since run 18 half marathons.  Between October 2015 through January 2017, I ran 6 marathons.  2017 has NOT been my year.  I was running everyday, at least one mile outside.  In February my streak came to a halt after 959 days.  I was having terrible foot pain and doc thought I had a stress fracture.  It ended up being plantar fasciitis.  He told me no running for 3 weeks so I took up swimming and biking.  I was able to resume my running in March and ran a half in May. 


I was signed up to run the Chicago Marathon for the 3rd year in a row.  On May 26th, I was with my family and missed the step up on the curb, down I went.  A total of 3 breaks and dislocation in the left ankle. I had surgery on May 27th.  I was in a cast for 7 weeks, and in a boot for 5.  Non-weight bearing for 12 weeks.  I saw the doc on July 14th and he released me to swim so I have tried my hand at aqua-jogging and some swimming and so far so good.   I see the doc again on August 18th and hope he releases me to bear weight.  I will have to go through Physical Therapy.  I had to defer my entry in the Chicago Marathon this year but I am hoping for a come back at Ragnar SouthBeach in November and the Dopey Challenge in January.  I know I have a long road ahead of me but I am always up for a challenge.    

How has running impacted your personal life and career as a nurse?

Running has impacted my personal life in many ways but one of the most important was it gave me the determination I needed to quit smoking.  In regards to my career as a nurse, running has helped me see the true importance of living a healthy lifestyle so it is easier to truly "practice what you preach" with my patients.  

What are one challenge and one lesson you’ve learned from your training? 

One of the biggest challenges with training is dealing with the weather and making sure I have time and safe conditions for the long runs.  I have learned to trust the training, if you put in the work, you can make it to the finish line! 

What are your top two favorite race memories?

I would say the most memorable moments was crossing the finish line at my first half marathon.  As a family, we went to Disney in January and my son ran the 10K with me and I ran the full marathon with my husband.  It is wonderful sharing my running journey with the two people that mean the world to me. And as you will see by my pictures... I love everything about Run Disney!!!

If you could run anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I am truly happy with running just about anywhere but I would love to spend some time out west because there is so much beautiful scenery.  

What is your favorite inspirational/motivational quote? 

A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its persistence. -James N. Watkins

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