Rose “Little Samurai” Ellison, A Fighter & Mixed Martial Artist

A fighter by nature and a warrior of God; Rose has cerebral palsy, but remains undefeated. After years of being bullied and told she would never accomplish her dreams, Rose found passion and purpose in the Mixed Martial Arts community. "I actually got my name "Little Samurai" from a former UFC fighter who used to train me. I had just gotten my haircut when I started training and I could barely have it put up in a ponytail, but I guess the look made him think that I looked like a Samurai." It's an honor to share Rose's story with you. -Jessica Lea Nolette (blog creator)

When did you first start Mixed Martial Arts classes and how has it changed your life?

I started training during the summer of 2015. It has absolutely increased my dexterity, muscle movement, confidence social skills and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have a mentor or someone you look up to and admire?

I look up to my Heavenly Father, my parents, Coach Young, Ernie Fitch, Bruce Boyington, Aaron Lacey, my Personal Trainer, Scott Kahkonen, Hal Pierce, Ryan Sanders, Glenn Cugno, Dustin Veinott and Raymond Wood. These people have been angels to my life who often remind me that I am loved, that it’s okay to be myself and that I can do anything that I put my mind towards with ultimate courage and determination. Without them and their loving guidance, I wouldn’t be the warrior I am today. They have given me the guidelines to not only be a better warrior but to be a better person. I’m inspired by each and every person to love and cherish life and to love with all of my heart.

What is your biggest goal and how will you achieve it?

My current goal right now and it has been my ultimate goal ever since February 2015 when I first saw Josh Harvey fight and the return of Raymond Wood at New England Fights in Lewiston, Maine was when I knew that I wanted to be a fighter.  With my faith in God’s hand in it and continue to do my training every week, I have faith that I will someday get to the NEF cage.

What is the greatest struggle you've overcome and what lesson has this taught you?

I’ve struggled with my cerebral palsy disability, as well as depression and anxiety. It certainly hasn’t been an easy life with people not understanding how to be around or how to deal with a person who has a physical disability which is absolutely understandable for people who don't particularly have one.

The main reasons why I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety is because I was bullied all my life. Not just from former fellow students, but from former teachers as well. I was told continuously at school every single day that I wouldn’t be able to do anything that I dreamed of doing. That made me extremely upset and sad that no one at school chose to believe in me.

Anxiety in social settings is another one. Cerebral palsy affects my speech, and it’s often a challenge for people to understand me when I talk. So, talking to people in person or through the phone can make me really uncomfortable. But thank you to my friends and coaches within the mixed martial arts community, I’ve learned to slowly overcome that with my training at the gym and socializing with a lot of extremely friendly fighters on social media. I’ve certainly learned not to let my cerebral palsy, depression and anxiety get the best of me because I know that I have a ton of love and support that will always be there. 


Can you share a single piece of advice to encourage others dealing with life's hardships?

I would advise anyone who has any disability or not, to not let anyone tell you that you cannot do anything because you can and stay determined to follow your dreams. 

What is something uniquely Rose not many people know about you, perhaps not even your family and friends?

What people might not already know about me, would be that I’m actually a shy person, lol.

"I am God's Warrior." -Rose “Little Samurai” Ellison

"I am God's Warrior." -Rose “Little Samurai” Ellison

Aside from fighting and training what things do you enjoy doing?

Aside from going to fights and training, I love going to the movies and occasionally play video games.

What is one message I can repeatedly share with the world on your behalf?

Don’t bully and disrespect people who have disabilities. They have dreams and feelings just like anyone else.

What is your favorite motivational/inspirational quote?

I have quite a few quotes:

“Go Big or Go Home. No Pain No Gain. May you always be an inspiration to many.” ~Bruce “Pretty Boy” Boyington

“When the mind, body, and spirit work together anything is possible.” ~Criss Angel
“Just believe you can do things that people think are impossible.” ~Ray “All Business” Wood

In one word describe yourself:

A child of God 

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