Rachel Henthorn, CrossFit Athlete, Coach & Personal Trainer

There are two words coming to mind when I think of Rachel. 
Dedicated and Strong. Through social media, I've witnessed Rachel transform physically and mentally. You too can follow her fitness journey on Instagram @rhenthorn. Rachel can be found at Anytime Fitness in Mill Creek where she is a full-time personal trainer, and at Maniac CrossFit where she coaches CrossFit.

When did you first become interested in fitness? 

I played 3 sports in high school and continued going to the gym throughout college but really never saw the results I wanted until I tried CrossFit 4 years ago.

How has CrossFit impacted your life and where might you be without it in your life? 

It's made me stronger in body and mind. I had a very distorted body image and CrossFit allowed me to focus more on performance goals and worry less about how my actual physique looked.

I had an unhealthy vision of what being ‘fit’ should look like. CrossFit helped me to realize what my body is capable of, which is much more important than how it looks. I began to break through barriers that had been holding me back. ‘I can’t’ quickly became ‘I can and I will.’
— Rachel Henthorn via Maniac CrossFit

What is one thing you have learned about your body and mind you may not have otherwise discovered? 

Our mindset often stops us from discovering what we are truly capable of. You will never reach your true potential if you don't try. So believe in yourself!

In your opinion what separates CrossFit from other forms of exercise? 

The community! The CrossFit community becomes your second family and having that support system is an integral part to reaching your goals. 

What is one challenge and lesson learned from your experience in training and coaching?

Through my own experiences with injury, I've come to learn that it all comes down to mindset. Any movement can be scaled as long as you are willing to continue putting in the work. If there is a will, there is a way!

What is your best and least favorite workout?

Favorite workout is called "The Sevens" because it is a Hero Workout comprised of seven rounds of seven different movements and challenges the mind and body. Least favorite is anything that includes rowing! I am hoping to change this soon though by continuing to work on my weaknesses.

Fitness aside, what other activities do you enjoy?  

Singing! I have been in multiple bands and music will always be a huge part of who I am. I've recently discovered a new love for surfing as well, although I'm quite terrible! Haha

What is your proudest personal accomplishment? 

Turning my passion for fitness into a profession.

What is one "can't live without it" app you use? 

MyFitnessPal has really helped me clean up my nutrition and focus on food as fuel.

If you could workout with any athlete in the world, who would it be with and why? 

Sara Sigmundsdottir. She is my favorite CrossFit athlete because she's an absolute badass and has this magnetic and wonderful personality.

What is your favorite inspirational/motivational quote? 

"Everyday Better." My first CrossFit coach used to say this and it just stuck with me!

In one word describe yourself:  


"Get Inverted" -RH via Instagram  @rhenthorn  

"Get Inverted" -RH via Instagram @rhenthorn 

To Connect w/ Rachel: 

Instagram: @rhenthorn || Email: r.henthorn@yahoo.co

Athlete & Coach @ Mainiac CrossFit Athlete & Coach

Personal Trainer @ Anytime Fitness, South Portland, Maine