3 Reasons to save money with minDbosa



-Your privacy is protected by bank-level security and encryption.

-We use Stripe Payments to verify your account.  




-Connect your bank checking account (using routing & account number) for FREE, transactions to and from your Mindbosa Account. 

-Your account is FDIC insured up to $250,000. Gorham Savings Bank is our trusted banking partner. 



-Create unlimited goals, track progress, and save any amount you choose. 

-Available on all mobile devices and desktop web browsers. NO download necessary. 

Here's What Our Customers say! 

Allison is a full time working wife, mom, friend, and fitness challenge enthusiast.  Read More

Allison is a full time working wife, mom, friend, and fitness challenge enthusiast. Read More



"I'm psyched since it's all going to my wedding fund. I'm definitely both surprised and proud. I'm making an impact, and it's been so painless. I feel like saving money, which I haven't been historically good at, sounds like cutting out things and sacrificing. This hasn't felt like that at all. It's a win-win-win! I'm so excited for other people to start to try it!"

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-Leslie Dillon/Old Port Pub Run Founder & Boston Marathoner



“I love it! I get so excited to make the transfer. I’m trying to be good about doing it right after I run but sometimes I forget and do two days at a time. I’ve honestly never saved before and this is such a great way to combine goals and have fun challenging myself!!!” 


-Katie Rutherford/Development Director Frannie Peabody & Runner



"I signed up for the Tri for a Cure to honor my friend Lindsay who beat cancer and to prove to myself that I could do something that scares me. I’m a big swimmer but the run is my challenge. I’m loving training with Mindbosa. It encourages me to put the miles in while helping me to save for my wedding in September!"

-Jill Dalfonso/RN & Tri Athlete

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