Tom Hooper - Co-Founder of Six03 Endurance in New Hampshire

What is Six03 Endurance?

SIX03 is a team of fun, healthy, and athletic people who share a passion for the outdoors and the social community. Our members range from people looking to run their first 5K to National Ironman finishers to 100 Mile Ultra Marathoners.  We really emabrace our tag line, Not one sport... Every sport. 

What inspired you to become a founder of Six03?

It wasn't really planned. It just sort of happened organically. We thought it would be just a few of us having a few beers after a race and the next thing you know, we have 600 members all through out the state of NH. I guess there was a niche and it just all came together. its been amazing.

What is one challenge and one lesson you’ve learned from your experience as a founder?

The Retail clothing deal is for the birds! You never can guess how much you need or what will be hot. Something that you take a chance on all of a sudden takes off and you can't get enough of it, or something you think will crush it, sits in a box.

What are your top two Six03 memories?

Thats too tough to answer. I have personal memories for my own accomplishments but I also Love seeing these guys go out of there comfort zone and try new stuff. Watching some one else conquer a hard mountain / trail race for the first time is amazing to watch.

What is your favorite inspirational/motivational quote?

"Don’t fear failure. — Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.”

In one word, describe yourself:

I don't think one word can describe anyone.

Tom Hooper

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