Terry Chiplin, Healthy Living Ambassador, Runner, Ultra Entrepreneur

Terry is a running coach and life coach and is also the owner of Active at Altitude, in addition to, being a director, member, training partner and facilitator for The US Trail Running Conference & the Official Training Partner for Vacation Races. Over the years, Terry has become an ambassador for healthy living. activacuity (his latest development) is not just for runners, but for all performance athletes seeking to enhance their focus, confidence, and experience. Thanks to, LinkedIn, I was able to connect with Terry, who lives in Colorado.  We shared personal stories about our history, struggles, and experiences. Terry is a remarkable individual with whom I couldn't be more grateful to connect and share his story. I think the universe is telling me I need to make a trip to The Rockies! 

Written on your Facebook: 

Every moment of our lives we have a choice... I choose to be alive and in the present and to be thankful for all that I have been given.

What does living in the present mean to you and where might you be today, without running in your life? 

Living in the present has been a journey with various stopping and learning points along the way. Currently, one of the strongest determining factors for me is to be able to be living in gratitude. If I'm not able to be aware of how grateful I am for this moment, then I am likely being pulled to either the past or the future. Without running I would be somewhere very different. Possibly still in England, and working a corporate job and having my heart broken each day by what I was missing!

Can you give us a bit of your running and entrepreneurial history? 

I like to think I have been running all my life... my parents never had a car growing up in London, so I ran or biked everywhere for many many years. I just loved to run, that feeling of letting my legs fly and seeing just how fast I could go...ran shorter distances on grass at primary school (English version of Elementary) and loved the excitement of competition, and the feeling of winning. At grammar school (English equivalent of high school), I ran 100 yards and 220 yards on cinders and grass tracks. I also played football and rugby, and cricket, altho that was soo boring! Up until the age of around 15, I had won every race that I entered. Then the other guys started developing more power, and my lean physique was no match for that in sprints, so I started losing...I still enjoyed running, while competition didn't have the same glow as it used to. 

Work - spent many years in the automotive industry in different positions. Love driving, and looking after cars. My last corporate role before we moved to Colorado was a business development executive, a sales guy for a vehicle finance company. Taught me a ton about sales, that has been really useful as an entrepreneur!

My Current Projects:

Active at Altitude - we have five adult running camps scheduled for 2018. I am the Camp Director and main coach for the camps, that all take place in majestic Estes Park, Colorado, with runs from 7,500 feet to over 12,000 feet! Each of our camps includes information on Lydiard training principles, following the guidelines laid down by Arthur Lydiard, the most successful running coach in history. Our beginner women's running camp in June, and co-ed Spring trail running camp in May are both sold out, breaking records by selling out by the beginning of January! We have places available for our advanced women's running camp in July, our intermediate women's running camp in August, and our co-ed Fall trail running camp in September. Our women's running camps have been featured in Runners World, Women's Running, and by Shape Magazine as a "once in a lifetime fitness retreat for women." Our trail running camps have also been featured in Trail Runner Magazine and Competitor, and by CNN as one of the top eleven adult running camps in the US. 

"I learned so much that week of camp: The proper way to do speed drills on the track, how to run tempo runs, hill sprints, and proper strengthening exercises (my favorite activity was running in water). I learned about goal setting and doing positive imagery exercises before runs. All of these lessons made me a stronger runner physically and mentally. But the biggest surprise for me that week was a newfound excitement and energy for running. For many years I was tied to a training schedule, and the only thing I focused on was completing my weekly mileage. Although I love building up mileage and seeing my fitness improve, I was tired of that routine and knew I needed to change my methods.
Your camp, your knowledge and positive attitude was just what I needed to invigorate my body and soul. I left camp feeling refreshed, inspired, empowered and energized. Terry, your outlook on life, the love you have for the sport, the knowledge you shared, and the positive way you encouraged all of us, was transforming.  Learning from you in breathtaking Estes Park and getting to know the other six amazingly strong women that week exceeded my expectations." -Kim (a runner from Idaho)

US Trail Running Conference - moving outside of Colorado for the first time in its six-year history, this industry-leading Conference connects and empowers race directors, trail runners, and trade leaders, and works to share best practices with the trail running community. I am the Event Director and own the Conference brand. This year's Conference takes place August 29-31 in San Luis Obispo, CA, and registration is open for all trail race directors, trail runners, sponsors, and exhibitors, and includes a discounted entry offer for any of the SLO Ultra races on September 1, 2018. This year the US Trail Running Conference is seeking to be the first sport-related Conference to be awarded a certification from the Council for Responsible Sport for the 2018 event, in partnership with Ragnar Events. The Conference is also held in partnership with the American Trail Running Association, and Race SLO.

activacuity - is about to launch the new website and a targeted marketing campaign!

Vacation Races - 11 half marathon races at some of the nation's most breathtaking destinations, National Parks around North America. I am their Official Training Partner. - See more details at https://vacationraces.com/

Tell us about your latest development, activacuity. 

It's a mental training app for athletes. Uses a combination of proven sports science techniques and neural techniques to generate new positive ways of thinking. It's a very powerful tool and one I am super excited about. Have had glowing responses from athletes and coaches so far.

"Terry Chiplin & Melody Fairchild introduce activacuity, the first guided imagery app for athletes. The app gives short daily sessions for enhanced focus, confidence & performance for athletes of all abilities."

How did this idea come about? 

My wife and I had been meditating on a regular basis using an app called Headspace. Really enjoyed learning about meditation, and then one day during a meditation, my mind was quiet, absolute peace, nothing happening. Have no idea how long I was in that place... then I heard a voice, and the voice said, you are going to do an app, and you know exactly what to do.... when the meditation finished, it was amazing. I had not thought of creating an app before, yet I did know exactly what to do as if it had been in my mind in some way all the time. It was very surreal, and sublime, at the same time.

"Throwback to a run a couple of weeks back with Jacqueline and Coco." -TC

"Throwback to a run a couple of weeks back with Jacqueline and Coco." -TC

Do you believe in coincidence and/or cosmic connections?

I believe that we have choices every moment of every day and that there are connections open to us no matter which choice we make.

Do you believe our inner world shapes our outer world? Or, does our outer world shape our inner world?

Inner world comes first. It took me a while to realize it, however, my experiences have taught me that how we see ourselves, and our place in the world has a huge impact on the world we experience. Thoughts become things!  

What is one challenge and lesson you've learned from your experience as a founder, owner, and coach? 

Challenge - to not be taken off course by every opportunity that is presented. Learned - do not assume you know the best way to move forward, or help someone else to move forward. Be open to moments that show me that we always have choices.


Aside from running, what do you like to do outside of work that directly impacts your career?

I like to be outdoors and connect with mother nature. I always feel energized and connected when I am outdoors. I also love cooking and eating - I once had a teenage female runner ask me what I eat for a treat... I considered, and answered, everything I eat is a treat, as it all nourishes and fuels me.

How important is having a daily routine and setting goals? 

Crucial, while it's also good to give space to allow the universe to come in.

What is one invaluable resource that has helped in the growth and development of Active at Altitude, activacuity and your current projects? 

Thinking that I matter, that I have a place in this world that only I can fulfill.

"If I'm not able to be aware of how grateful I am for this moment, then I am likely being pulled to either the past or the future." -Terry Chiplin

"If I'm not able to be aware of how grateful I am for this moment, then I am likely being pulled to either the past or the future." -Terry Chiplin

Can you give a piece of advice for someone who thinks meditation is an impossible practice for them? 

Patience - we are so driven to immediate rewards, and that’s not a good response to things that naturally take time. I love watching nature and how it progresses at a pace that fulfills its own needs, and the needs of the complete environment around it.

What is your proudest personal and professional accomplishment? 

To be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from DeMontfort University, Bedford, England after three years of study. it was an amazing time to be there as a mature student and felt like a sponge, I just could not get enough!

What do you look forward to the most in 2018?  

To growing the brands that I have created and to do my best to make a difference to more lives in this world.

I would LOVE to share repeatedly 1 message to the world, on your behalf, what should I share?

Thoughts become things, and that we are not hardwired, we can create new ways of thinking.

What is your favorite inspirational/motivational quote? 

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us."  -Marianne Williamson 

In one word, describe yourself:


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