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Sweet $16 Savings challenge!

money saving challenge march mindbosa

Step 1

Create an account or log in.

Step 2

This is your dashboard. Create a new goal.


Step 3

Create ANY goal. Example: Sweet $16 Savings Challenge!

Sweet 16 Savings Challenge


Choose how to measure your goal. Example: $16 every week


Step 5

Link a bank checking account. No fees!


Step 6

Enter your checking account information. In 2-3 business days you will receive two small deposits from Mindbosa in your personal account. Once received, log into Mindbosa and enter the deposits to verify and link your account.


Start Tracking & Saving!

Goals are tracked manually. You can track daily, weekly, monthly - whatever you choose! You can also add notes and edit the date each time you track. Do what motivates and feels the most rewarding to you!


All we ask is you share your #Mindbosa experience with friends and family via word of mouth and social media platforms!




Mindbosa is a web application. You can create an icon on your mobile home screen as you would a downloadable app from the app store. It’s quick, convenient, and takes up little storage.

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