Laura Rosenberg - User Spotlight!

Laura is an ex-librarian, online tutor, and mostly stay-at-home mom of a 1 and a half-year-old. She's run seven half marathons and is training for a full marathon while raising money for La Puerta Abierta, an early learning center, and lending library in rural Guatemala.

What was your absolute biggest challenge with saving money prior to signing up for Mindbosa? 

My biggest challenge was probably not having a lot of money to save. I never felt I was completely in charge and was pretty focused on the things beyond my control, not what I could actually control. 

How did the challenge of saving money make you feel?

It felt great to save $2 for every mile I ran for a preschool in rural Guatemala I love a lot. Saving helped me reflect and what felt good about running and giving. It helped shine the spotlight of attention on the rewarding parts (not the uncomfortable totally not fun runs)

What changed after using Mindbosa? 

I feel like you can really use the power of habit to create a virtuous cycle where I do something good for myself and work hard to make a habit. Once that habit is in place, I don't have to work as hard to do something else that also benefits me (like save). It's powerful to be on your own side and take good care of yourself. I'm familiar with vicious cycles where I do things that don't benefit me and that spirals, so it feels extra good to treat myself well.

What specific results can you share? 

I saved almost $300 training for a half marathon to donate to a preschool in Guatemala. This preschool is a project of the mother of a student I had while living in Guatemala. It feels great to connect to a place I love by sending money especially since we're not able to travel while our son is so little. It feels good to show that being a global citizen is important to me by saving a little every day.


What would you say to somebody on the fence about signing up?

You might surprise yourself that changing perspective on saving can make it less of a bitter medicine.