Carla's Challenge

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Day 1 

Cardio, upper body, and core 💥💥 Remember, it just takes 30 minutes, so keep rest to a minimum but always keep effort to a maximum! 

Day 2

Get that six pack with this one! Do all the rounds of each exercise before moving on next! If you’re a beginner, cut the reps/time in half! Few tips: 1️⃣ engage your core the entire time; if your legs tire out first, you’re using them instead of your core! 2️⃣ take the rest, you’ll need it 😉 

Day 3 

Super simple, 10 push-ups every minute on the minute... and using the rest to solve a Rubik’s Cube while watching Dexter. This is multitasking, this is a lifestyle, tis is fitness any where!

Day 4

This is a full body workout that can be done any where -beach, home, gym! 4 rounds of each exercise then move onto the next pairing! 
Add 5-10 minutes of cardio for extra credit! 😉 
Celebrate the celebrations (like your independence!)- keep a balanced lifestyle!!! 

Day 5

Today focuses a lot on back/shoulders 💥💥💥
Resistance Bands are great for a home workout! 
4 rounds of max pull-ups, 20 reps of band work and max leg raises.
Add music for a solid 30 minutes of fun! 😉 Rest 60 seconds between each exercise!

Day 6

How are we feeling?? This one is a total body - work hard and it’ll kick your butt! 💥 Rest 60 seconds between each round💥 You can also make this just body weight, so it can be done anywhere... NO EXCUSES are welcome here! Have a great weekend!

Day 7

Who’s breaking a sweat with me today?  
💥8x 30secs Bear Crawls // rest 30 secs
💥3x 20reps Bicep Curls & 12 reps Skull Crushers // rest 60 secs
💥4x 12 reps suspension curls & tricep presses // rest 60secs
💥4x 1 min Windshield Wipers & 30reps DB Pull-throughs // rest 60secs

Day 8

Mix up your 30 minutes today, grab your workout buddy and get it done!

Day 9 

It’s all about the backside today 🍑 
There are several variations shown so see what’s right for you! 
Add a few of these into your 30-minutes today! 
*Extra bonus - couple these moves with some core 😉 
Hate me now, thank me later 🙌🏻💪🏻

Day 10

Every minute on the minute (EMOM) for 30 minutes! That’s 30 rounds and if you give max effort and push yourself, it will be tough! But worth it... and then throw your hands up like me at the end because you’re stronger than you think and you’re ready for more💪🏻🙌🏻👊🏻

Day 11

Rope slams for 10 sec on/50 sec rest, 
10 mins 💥Switchblades 5x30 💥 
Plank 5x 1 min💥 
Explosive jumps 5x5 with 60 sec💥 
THIRTY MINUTES, make it count 💪🏻🙌🏻 
Tag me in your workout to show me what you’re doing!! 
Let’s see your sweat!! #carlaschallenge

Day 12

SPEED, STRENGTH, ENDURANCE 💥First 10 minutes EMOM, 30 quick touches. Second 10 minutes EMOM, 5 step ups each leg. Third 10 minutes, continuous step ups (alternating every time). You got this!!!

Day 13

All body weight today...and lots of hyphens🤗 
5 rounds of push-up series, 
10 min EMOM (3 push-ups, 3 chin-ups, 3 push-

Day 14

ABSolutely a solid finisher for your workout! 
3-5 rounds of 10 reps! 
Let me see that sweat and tag your workout partner who needs this!! 

Day 15

I use my Sunday’s to recover with some light work, but also to experiment what works and what doesn’t. All of this seemed to work today, so “Dear Clients of Carla... be ready.” Stay strong and have an incredible day🙏🏻

Day 16

Stretch, bike, pull up, and rock away! 
30 minutes and you’ll have a total body workout ✔️ 
Tag someone who could use these moves (especially the stretching!!) 💪🏻🙌🏻💥

Day 17

🙌🏻 5 rounds of: 10 push up + kick through, 10 sec L-sit ring hold, 1+1 Turkish get up 💪🏻💥 2 min rest between each round. 
What’s your workout today?? Let’s see your sweat!!! #carlaschallenge 

Day 18

20 mins of the assault bike and
5 rounds of a core combo! 
Simple but effective 🙌🏻💪🏻

Day 19

Carla's Birthday Workout! Here's a snippet of a 2.5 hour - client created workout 💥💥
I dare you to have your clients train YOU on your birthday! 💥💥

Day 20

After yesterday’s birthday workout (read: sore), I dedicated thirty minutes today to some foam rolling, skipping intervals (:30/:30 for 10 minutes), and creating max tension in core (about 15 seconds at a time with plenty of rest)... listen to what your body needs! You don’t have to go crazy intense to be challenged 🙌🏻💪🏻🙏🏻

Day 21

Done in the comfort of my living room while watching Netflix.. #fitnessanywhere ... and this is an intimate Saturday evening workout with my kettlebells!! 8 rounds of 5 reps for kB circuit, followed by 8 rounds of 10 for tic-toks (thanks @mavericksfieldhouse 🙏🏻), followed by a KB hollow hold! 30 minutes is 2% of your day... go do something!! #carlaschallenge

Day 22

I had just about 40 minutes before my first client so I hit the big movements: pull-ups, core, push-ups, and RFESS... get to your 30 minutes!! Tag me in your workout 🙌🏻💪🏻 #carlaschallenge @playbook_app

Day 23

Set the timer and go for this one. Get as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes! 20 Band rows, 20 kB swings (or can substitute), and 10 per side 1-leg sit&twist + switchblade 💪🏻🙌🏻 *beginners can cut the reps in half!* #carlaschallenge@carlawaldron @mindbosa@collectivehumanity_ #fitness#personaltraining #trainwithme#tameimpala @playbook_app

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